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Engagement Photos on the Lake in Michigan | Megan + Drake

Engagement Photos at Clarklake MI

It was a joy to capture Megan and Drake’s summer Clarklake MI Engagement Photos.

Megan and Drake, the sweetest and most cheerful couple, celebrated their love in the backyard of Megan’s parents’ lakefront home. I could feel the warmth and happiness they radiated from the moment we started. The session was like meeting old friends, and I had a lot of fun capturing moments with them.

The decision to have their engagement session at a place with sentimental value truly made this experience memorable. The private estate’s landscape added to the session’s beauty, creating a perfect backdrop for our photos. We began our journey on the sidewalk with a picturesque archway adorned with lantern chandeliers hanging gracefully from each peak. The setting was enchanting, setting the tone for a session filled with love and laughter.

Megan and Drake shared with me their love for boating on the lake and the importance of spending quality time with family. These details inspired some of the most heartwarming and genuine moments captured during the session. Their smiles, laughter, and how they looked at each other spoke volumes about their deep connection.

Our hearts were drawn to the lake as the golden hour approached and the magic unfolded. At the end of the session, Megan and Drake decided to embrace the water and splash each other. It was adorable and a fantastic way to wrap up our evening. The pictures of them in the water perfectly captured their comfort, playfulness, and genuine love for each other.

To add a touch of celebration, they popped a bottle of bubbly during the session—a delightful moment that added to the romantic atmosphere. The outfit change was a thoughtful touch, with one set featuring a dressy casual look, Megan in a beautiful summer dress, and Drake in khaki pants. Their second outfit showcased their down-to-earth style, rocking a relaxed yet chic look in jeans.

Megan and Drake’s engagement session was truly a dream, filled with fun, romance, and joy. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this unforgettable moment in their journey together. If you’re ready to capture your Clarklake MI Engagement Photos, let’s chat about creating your dream engagement session. Fill out my contact form, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey together! 

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