a love letter

Since I was very little, my family has been the most important part of my world. I thought I’d grow up to be a stay-at-home mom living just a few houses down from my parents—sharing late-night drinks on the back porch and helping my mom tend her garden. With a camera always within reach, I’d fill mountains of albums with the stories of the people I love most.

from the desk of kali shea

While so much of that dream is exactly where my journey took me, the morning after my wedding introduced an unexpected twist to my story that I never saw coming...

When we woke up for the very first time as husband and wife, an email from our wedding photographer already waited. While we slept, she’d already prepared a sneak peek for us to enjoy! I wish I could bottle the way I felt as we cuddled together and enjoyed the first glimpses of our wedding day through her lens. That giddy feeling lit a fire within me to turn my ever-growing passion for photography into something I could use to bring brides that same unbelievable feeling I’d been given. And so the Kali Shea Photography wedding experience was born! 

Inspired by radiant light, delicate details, and the way he looks at you when he thinks no one is looking (because, girl, I’m looking...and I caught it on camera!), I tell wedding day stories with the care your love story deserves. For me, serving as your wedding photographer isn’t just about the final gallery. It’s about the way you felt when the gallery was being filled. It’s about the way you felt when you laughed in the middle of that unexpected rain shower and did the wobble with your grandpa on the dancefloor. It’s about the way you knew you didn’t have to worry as we planned your wedding day timeline or stress that a groomsman’s boutonniere would be pinned on the wrong side. It’s about bringing you unmatched service that makes you feel confident and free to enter fully into the moments that matter on the biggest day of your life.

"I tell wedding day stories with the care your love story deserves."

It’s about turning your story into timeless works of art.

I don’t spend all my time behind a camera or meeting with new couples over cappuccinos, though! When I’m not working, you can probably spot me trying out a new recipe, wandering the local farmers market searching for seasonal fruit with my kiddos, or relaxing on the back porch while Dan + Shay music plays.  But enough about me! It’s your story I’m dying to tell! So, let’s trade recipes and life stories over coffee while building the wedding photography collection of your dreams. What do you say? I can’t wait to meet you!


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