Family Session | The Actons | Lansing, Michigan

There is something truly magical when taking photos of a family. Seeing the joy and love between the parents and the children through your camera lens is like nothing else you can experience. I always love capturing sweet memories for families because every family is different. As your kids start growing, it’s hard to remember when they were little. Unless you have photos to look at down the road, you can’t truly document the special time together as a family. When I start editing images, I always start smiling. It takes me right back to their session and the fun moments they had while I was shooting.

The Actons had not booked professional photos in a long time. They were very excited to have photos taken of all of them. Having a family session was very important to Jordan. She also wanted to make sure we took time for photos of just her and Grant to frame in their house.

They are such an adorable family! The light during their session was so amazing! I love working with families because there is always something special with each one. I strive to show that genuine connection between the parents and the kids. When you have children, your schedules are very busy with school, sports, and everything else going on. I love showing the beauty in the chaos through me lens. Moments like these can’t be taken for granted.

My favorite images from family sessions are when it looks like I’m not even there. The parents and kids are just playing or the dad and son are just walking and talking together. They are showing their special bond without knowing it, and it’s so sweet. For the last part of their session, we moved to a nearby field to take a few more photos while we still had pretty golden hour light.

Enjoy looking through the Acton’s family session! I would love to schedule photos for you this spring! Please inquire with me, so we can find a time that works best for you and your family!

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